DK Tascoon's DueDex di Paprika P (Poly 4wd)

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Breed: Maine Coon
Color: Black tortie blotched tabby w. white
FIFe EMS MCO f 0922
Sex: Female
Born: 9. december 2009
Bred by: Margrethe Olesen




Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation
Tascoon Dalco Dexter Boy
MCO d 22

     Big Coon Tabasco
MCO n 22

     CH Sarafina Pawcatuck, MCO n 23   CH Thundercats Welcome To The Future, MCO n 22
  Dynamicats Guardian Angel, MCO n 23
     Chinook Kittery Tiger Lilly, MCO n 22   Chinook Kittery Black Jack, MCO ns 22
  Savage Kittery Magic Zodiac, MCO g 22

     Biscat Dallas
MCO d 22

     Bonfires Bentley, MCO e 23   QGC Bonfires Tichawanna, MCO e 23
  IC Lovelyness Twinkle Star of Bonfires, MCO g 09 22
     Freki Babette, MCO f 22   Caesar of Milledeux, MCO n 22
  Ida of MaineHouse, MCO f 22
WaterCoons Pas de Deux P
 MCO n  09 22

     WaterCoons Nighthawk P. In The Air

     Amusing Cattery Hacker, MCO n  CH Highfidelity Mumbo Jumbo, MCO d 09 22
  Spitzäcker Nikita, MCO n 22
     Coonmtn Cissy Manytoes, MCO f 22   CH Thunderpaws Pink Panther of Coonmtn, MCO e 22
  Coonmtn Skip To My Lou, MCO f 22

     WaterCoons Come Together
MCO f 03 23

     Noreg Ringo Star, MCO ds 23   MaineHouse William, MCO n 22
  Noreg Kimberley, MCO fs 23
     Coonwalk Electra, MCO n 09   CH McCloud Hufflepuff, MCO n 09
  Karisma Funkie Duddie, MCO n 22